Tuesday, 22 March 2016

424 St Pol de Mer (Near Dunkirk)

The DFDS terminal at Dunkirk is substantially altered and the little area where one could park for the night, waiting for the next boat is no longer there. The check in area is surrounded by high razor wire fences and looks like a POW camp. I wonder why?
Close by is an alternative, 15-20 mins drive, at St Pol de Mer.

The Bourne is located in one part of town and the Aire in another.

Although there was a sloping parking area in front of the Bourne.

423 Nonancourt

A nice little Aire to break the haul to the docks from southern France.
It is between the Marie and the Pompiers. Only 6xP and the bays are narrow but foc. If your neighbour snores you will hear him!

The Bourne is also foc, but no longer provides ehu.

 The walk around the park surrounding the Marie is most enjoyable.

422 St Jean de Cole

Another small attractive village with Templar connections.
The small Aire, behind the school is foc, a little unlevel and the Bourne requires a jeton, available from local shops.

421 Thiviers

Bourne on a Circle, down near Lidl. No provision for CC parking.

A little outside town is a picnic area where you can park overnight. We couldn't find it

420 Sorges

Roadside Bourne, in a layby set of the road

and a little further on, opposite the Truffles Museum

is an area for CC parking

419 Perigueux

Aire down by the river and close to the cathedral.

418 Laseaux

Not really a place to overnight, but roadside parking for CCs near this famous attraction.

417 Montignac

A welcoming place for CCs. New Aire for 30, each with EHU. Park all day for nothing, nights $5.

The Bourne is foc but the water pressure is high and requires a male/male adaptor.

416 Reignac

The Maison Fort built into and part of the cliff side is an interesting place to visit.
There is an area set aside for CCs next to the river. Overnights OK but no services.

415.5 Caudeau

Just down the road from Bergerac was this very nice lttle Aire at CaudeauThe schools cockerels would wake the dead but the Bourne was adequate and foc.

415 Bergerac

A new Aire on the outskirts of town and next to a park.

Barrier entrance to Aire with EHU, $7 + $3.
On the other hand, 6xP foc, next to the Bourne,

414 Monbazzilac

The coach park is available at this Loire type, hill top ch√Ęteau.

413 Monpazier

Good Aire, Px8, Bourne, all foc
 Behind the Pompiers rest area on the outskirts of this excellent town to visit.

412 Cadouin Abbey

Coach CP

411 St Cyprien

We were running out of time so parked up for the night opposite the Bourne at the Intermarche.
Quite handy as there was a Laverie as well.

410 La Roque Gageac

Large CP at the foot of the cliffes. $7 to overnight plus day CP charges

 It was a busy spot