Monday, 24 April 2017


595 A5 near Cannock

Just off the motorway, this truck stop and cafe is on the right heading into Cannock.
Breakfast was superb.
Toilets disgusting
Night quiet and safe.
Cost £14 incl £4 meal voucher.... would go again.

594 Shaston (Private)

At Karl's. Nice and flat and no grief from anyone!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

593 St Nicolas d'Aliermont (near Dieppe)

About 30 mins drive to the port this little town offers an Aire with Px2 foc, Service Bourne, tap, dumps and bins.
Set in a park type general CP. A super place.

592 Bonneval

A very attractive town surrounded by a small canal.
CCs may park on the CP (foc) at the front of the hospital which has an Old Hospitaller Gate House and next to the Capitainaire.
Bourne comprises tap, grey waste, Elsan dumps and bins.

591 Loulay (France)

Another Aire close to the North South Atlantic route.
Px2 at the rear, next to the Bourne which comprises, grey water dump, WC, tap and bins across the road.
I parked on the square opposite the Marie and enjoyed a most pleasant evening.

590 Merida (Spain)

Not far from the motorway is this CP which services a picnic area and Adventure Park (closed)
Bins, Portaloo (disgusting) and a tap are available.