Tuesday, 17 July 2018

657 DFDS Dunkerque

The terminal area and check in have been changed. Many MoHo's parked up now. We didn't regret not staying. It would have been very noisy with all the traffic.

656 Couderkerque

About half an hours drive from the ferry, this quiet picnic area is a forest CP and has one of those self cleaning WC huts. Unfortunately it closes 6pm until 7am. There are bins, picnic tables (of course) and nice walks in the woods.

Monday, 16 July 2018

655 Wissant

My first ever visit to France, Hotel Normandy at Wissant.

The SP was full but we only visited to use the Elsan dump. Couldn't find a tap but there were re-cyle bins.

654 Honduville

A small dormitory village in Normandy. Has a bakers and a locals bar.
Met the mayor who came from the Pas de Calais who said they were considering an Elsan dump at the CP and that water was already available from the cemetery tap.

The CP was quiet and more than suitable for an overnight stop. A little of the beaten track.

653 El Real de la Jura B

In the small and picturesque town and in a residential area, there are 4 roadside bays for overnights and a cute hole-in-the wall Elsan dump with a tap. All foc. Very nice!

652 El Real de la Jura A

From the motorway exist and before the town, there is a narrow lane, on google maps noted as an Hermitage, leading to a lakeside picnic area.
A small chapel is on the site also.
The area is good, but there are no services.

 There is a bar across the bridge and unfortunately for us it was party night from 11pm until 4am. We didn't get any sleep