Saturday, 19 July 2014

181 Staithes

North of the village this well secluded CP is an ideal base to walk down into the village. Alternatively in the village there is a PAD CP and even a campsite! Latter in old WW1 barracks and at £9 pppn was expensive we thought, even tho' owners were fellow Motorhomers.

180 Skinnigrove

One of the nicest locations we have found. Used by dog walkers and rod fishermen, also those stopping to eat the fish and chips from the village chippy.

179 Crimdon Dene

At only £9 pupn inclus ehu we enjoyed swimming for a couple of days in their pool and using the laudrette. South of the campsite the public CP is used by wilders and also a nice CP at Black Rocks is ideal too.

178 Tees Estuary (North)

Signposted North Gare and barrier closed at 7pm. Good keeps away boy racers and doggers. Past power station and south of Seaton Carew

177 Redcar

There are 3 CPs on the 'Stray', the rough ground between road and beach. Nobody seemed to mind all the overnighters whcih were there. Even a chuck wagon for bacon butties arrives at 8am. Bit far off to walk into town from here but excellent to chill and watch the waves and dogs.

176 Croft (Darlington)

It's worth £5 to stop off at Croft WMC for water and elsan. Great place

175 Durham P+R

One of 3 P+R around Durham. All have M/H bays which are adequate and signed. Cost £2 from here into city return. Parking included. Only open 7am til 7pm

174 Durham Outskirts

There are 3 car parks within the Waldridge Country Park. We overnited in the most secluded and had a very enjoyable and quiet night

173 Wolsingham

We needed a stop over and came accross this long, former road, lay by. Nice and quiet and secluded. Stayed overnite no trouble.

 Towards the eastern end of the lay by was a more opened out parking area wgich others may prefer. We prefered the more secluded, bowls of the bught!

172 Hartside (1903 Feet)

A favoured destination for bikers, no wonder, but for some fatal!

Great views on a clear day. cafe just out of shot. Not sure onites would be permitted, didn't ask, but a few hours soaking up the view, tremendous.

171 Long Meg

Long Meg (Monolith) and 60 circular sisters. A mini Stonehenge, acessable and free of charge. Day time parking only we thought, but great place for a picnic. Just north west of Penrith

170 Carlisle

In the shadow of the castle, this car park allows overnites. It is only accessable from one side of busy ring road so you need to watch for signs. Next to railway line but the noise wasn't too bad. Devonshire Walk. There is a large free adventure park next door which looked very impressive.

169 Garstang

Hamilton House Farm. A MCC CL currently. It appears in former days either a much larger tourer site or static site. They hold regular car boots and other events so facilkities are plentifull, if not all a little basic. At £6 pn and just off M61 it is an ideal stopover,

Monday, 7 July 2014

168 St Ives, Cambs

A local pub allowing overnites at £5 pupn. Easy walk or ride into St Ives which is a great place to visit. EHU is also available for another £5

May 2016, EHU now £10 and water is £5.

167 Dunkerk DFDS

You can stay here for up to 7 days, not that anybody would want to. Obviously very handy if waiting for a next day early ferry.

166 Hondschoute (F)

Just over the border from Belgium and 15 Km from Dunkerk. A small village with not a lot going on, but pleasant never the less and foc. An excellent 2nd hand clothes shop next to SP.

165 Kempen

This was an ideal spot. Next to Sporthotel, Freibad and Fitness club. easy reach of the busy and very attractive town of Kempen near the NL border. Would certainly use again, perhaps trying to pasrk foc on the adjascent CP, rather than pay the cost of the SP. Forgotten to photo this time.

164 Wuenneberg

A small, but well busy SP. In the centre and near stream and park. All facilities available. Most approprate for future stays!

163 Winterberg

A Very popular town and equally popular SP. Hardly a space when i turned up.

Max stay, 24 hrs, water 50c, elsan foc, bins, bottles. $8/24hrs. Opposite Krankenhaus

162 Winkhausen

Small, family run CL (Mertens Fam). The village is small and not much going on. There is a lake somewhere near but i didnt find it. Grass, flat and well kept CL.

161 Altenhunden

Nice small town with a few interesting shops. The SP is a mixed parking which also serves the festhalle and Lidl store. EHU are available but nothing else.

160 Mechede

Just on the outskirts of town, near the swimming pool and sports facility, (access by a pedestrian bridge) and on the river side. Please place to chill; nice walks and cycle tracks.

159 Bestwig

Opposite side of the road to Lidl and behind the Town Hall (Rathaus), this small CP could manage 4 smaller M/Hs. Would be safe i am sure but not much going on in Bestwig.

158 Houdeheide (D)

Very handily placed on drag south from Laboe to Brenken. No facilities (other than EHU on meters) on site, there are toilets when rhe lake-side cafe is open, but play area (Including Boule) next door and also the lakes for walking, fishing or even sun bathing.

157 Laboe (private)

Perfect in every way

156 Ribe (DK)

This must be one of the nicest and most popular SPs in Europe. It is well laid out, has good facilities, is near the Town Centre and it is free. However, dont put up chairs or other camping type activities; these are not allowed.

155 Ely Fishermans CP

This free long stay car park is on the entrance to the large park behind Sainsbury's and on the banks of the basin on the other. A popular spot for morning dog walkers. It is lite and has security cameras. Also next to railway line and therefore noisy, but nice and the signage does not restrict Motorhomers.