Sunday, 21 June 2015

306 Marquis of Angelsey

This sloping CP has no Dim Parcios but perhaps not the best nightstop either.
Handy if you want to go up the Column. Bins overflowing. Just before the junction with A5.

305 Dwyran Coastal

Overlooking Carnavon from the Anglesey side this is a lovely spot. The toilets a little further down the road were closed.
The CP proper was unlevel but the spacial spot in memory of an avid campervanner was perfect.
You can see the bench erected in memory of a loved one who enjoyed this view.

304 Malltraeth Forest

A picnic area and place for people to unload horses to go for a ride through the woods.
No Dim Parcios but there were flys.

303 Aberffraw Harbour & Bridge

No overnights but a great spot to stay and fish. Toilets in village a short walk.

302 Carnafon

Outside of town on the coast road, follow signs for golf club and just beyond the Naught Club.
There may well be no camping signs but all have been torn down.
Great view and great spot

301 Llanddeusant

This out of the way CP is unlikely to allow overnights and is the CP for the Iron Age houses reconstructions, the windmill and tea rooms.

300 Amlwich

There are the usual Dim Parcio signs in the town but strangely enough not on the parking square which is signed as the visitors CP for Copper Kingdom.
There are also toilets and bins on the Square which boast 2 pubs and a chippy.

Down on the harbour there are also no Dim Parcio's but it looked a little too close to the waters edges. Behind the Copper Kingdom and overlooking the harbour there were.

299 Penmon Point

Also known as Black Rock Lighthouse, overlooking Puffin Island.
An excellent location despite having no facilities at all.
There is a cafe which opens at 10.30 and to use their toilets patrons need to ask for a key, fair enough. There is a tap in front of the Coast Guard's garage.
The man down on the toll booth comes and checks that he gets his £4.50 per day for M/Hs. The fact that there is a toll road is in fact a good guarantee of security.

298 Beaumauris

Pictured here is the Coach CP behind the castle. OK for visiting town and castle but no overnight sleeping allowed.

There is another large CP on the estuary front which was on grass and which was very well used.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

297 Talacre (Smuggeler's Inn)

See posting nbr 4.

Things have changed a little since we were last here.
The Inn have enforced ownership over their parking space, due mostly to abuse from dog walkers.