Saturday, 12 December 2015

362 Lutterworth (M1 Magma Park)

Decided to head further north than Abingdon and stayed at a Pub Stop, Wood Farm Brewary, restaurant et al.
Nice place, worth the treat of a wood fire and Trad English Pub Grub.
We could have stayed on the rear car park and perhaps should have as the front CP is a busy and noisy road.

361 Ouistraham (Caen docks)

There appears to be a blanket no CCs by-law forbidding parking in the parish boundary between 8pm and 6am.
There is an Aire which is noisy, sloping and costs $10 for up to 24 hrs just a few yards past the port entrance. We didn't use it other than to MT the cassette, no rinse water.
Instead we parked up on the waiting lane, which is anyway permitted after 8pm and had a safe and sound night and saved the tenner.

Aerial view of the Aire, as you see close to the beach.

360 Caen

We tried to fond one of the recommended CPs so we could park up and visit the town. Not really an option. Better to find a more out of town location and cycle or tram into the interesting town. (Next time).

359 Deauville Marina / Trouville

There were no restrictions on many of the parking areas around these towns. Many CCs or MoHos were parked up along the marina and overlooking the Trouville Casino, behind the Lycee.
Obviously no services but those who parked here used the bourne at the Aire, but great views and location.

358 Deauville

The Aire is close to town and as well as being foc, offers free Bourne AND EHU. Not great in wet weather and watch out for that f@@@ing orange post.

357 Lissieux

War graves cemeteries on the road to Deauville.
No parking for over 2m. Poor show.

The Commonwealth graves

The German graves, 4 per X.

356 Falaise

Birthplace of William the Conqueror.
Parked beneath the castle walls. Bit busy and noisy but close to town centre. A good place to visit.

355 Le Mans

Famous for the 24 hours race, twinned with Paderbourn and Bolton.
The Aire, always full despite being very sloping, is down by the Marina.
The Bourne is foc as is the Aire. Good Sat coverage.

The Plantagenat Door

354 Chartres

CP at the Abbay, and hospital unit. No restrictions, no facilities but was safe and secure. Police passing many times a day.

Chartres is of course a stunning cathedral city.

353 Lorris

Large car and coach park next to the Museum of the Resistance. It;s on the town's ring road.

352 The contrast in France

The Chick

The not so smart

One one side of the street an exclusive boutique, on the other, a dump.

351 Sancerre

Known by all who enjoy wine, this hill top village affords parking all around the edge of the summit circular road. Views over the vineyards stunning
Inside the town the roads are just about wide enough for donkeys and mad Frenchmen in 2CVs. Pedestrians watch out!

Sancerre has lots of wine shops.

350 Bolleret

Px4 foc, pente, EHUx4 broken, Bourne a little way down the hill at the bottom of the CP with eau requiring jeton.

We didn't stay here as most bays were too sloping and we want the EHU which was kaput. There were all the local shops etc nearby.

349 St Brisson

Aire for 8 foc next to village hall, school and behind Marie. A very attractive hill top village with chateau. Similar size to Stainland but no comparison.
The bourne was kaput. Plenty of open sky for TV and satellite.

348 Gien

This foc Aire for 8 is next to the swimming pool (where you can buy jetons $2.10 each for the bourne) and a little way out of town. View of Loire obscured by tall thick row of cedars, as is the TV and satellite signals. Strong fon signal.
The bourne has top up EHUs.

And these trees with no middle bits are?????

347 Sully

A nice spot over all. A nice castle, a nice aire, a nice village.
Day time parking only allowed in front of the castle during daytime.
The Aire is foc, has 16 bays and service bourne also Located slightly upriver surrounded by flat cycle tracks.

Friday, 27 November 2015

346 Chappelle St Mesmin (Orleans)

20 mins by bike along Loire banks to Orleans. This is a former Campsite, too long in the tooth for campers but OK for CC's. $6 for 24hrs or £12 72hrs. Gets you water, Elasan, bins and EHU!. WCs are disgusting. Small village where everything shuts early.
Avoid when wet... Like the trenches in Flanders.
TV and Sat signals very bad due to trees affording shade in summer. Next to Boules court and park for kids