Wednesday, 27 August 2014

OO Stainland, Cliffe Fields SP

CL 1 or Tent

CL 2 & 3

CL 2, 3 & 4

CL 4b
CL 5

CL Entrance

Jet Wash

Vivo SP 1 & 2

Vivo  SP 1

SP 2

Entrance to Service Area

Wash Room, Shower, WC

We look forward to your visit.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

186 Redcar Sea front

£4.50 to park all day, £3 if you park at the further afield 'beach' CP. Redcar is a bigger town than you would imagine but the amusements are few; that's not a bad thing either!

185 Beamish Museum

You can park all day foc, even if not visiting the museum. Doubtful anyone would do this as there's not much else you can do when parked up here. The Museum is excellent but they stricktly enforce no parking after 6pm

184 Stamford Bridge

East of York, famous from the Battle in 1066 (the other one which Harold won). Nice CP with toilets opposite. Not suitable for onite but park all day foc and walk along the river and visit the old town.

183 Waldridge Country Park

Dog walkers (and lovers) also seem to like this secluded rural CP with excellent views and fell walks

182 Crimden Farm

An excellent little site. CCC CL. Basic facilities and no EHU but good value at only £6 pupn.