Saturday, 14 May 2016

466 Hondschoote

Despite the look of the name this place is in France; about 1/2 hour drive from Dunkerk docks.

Nice 2nd hand shop at the Aire and a small Carrefour in the village (but not much else).

Px15 foc, Bourne at entrance, Elsan and rinse foc, Water needs a token ($3) from the windmill lady.

465 Remagen, Rhein

Site was full but new pitches under construction. In easy walk to the famous bridge, which has not been rebuilt. The SP is next to a camping but has a different access down a narrow lane.

Service Bourne at entrance

464 Andernach

Px100 at $7 pupn. Not enough EHU to go around. It was very full upon arrival but just managed to squeeze on.

 The river view was excellent and an interesting town to visit. Lidl close by but not easy to go far along the riverbank in either direction for cycling.

463 Reil

Px80, $7 pupn, Bourne at entrance which we used foc for Elsan and rinse.

462 Piesport

This site was full when we visited. It would make a good base for a 2 days stay and cycle the river banks

461 Trier (Weingut von Nell)

This large Vintner offers Px10 at $10 inclu ehu. There is a water tap which was difficult to access as vans were parked on the overspill area. There is no Elsan.

Whilst there I counted 28 MoHo; it was a busy weekend, was lucky to get a reasonably level pitch on gravel, did have to use blocks.

Possible to cycle to Trier, return a bit uphill! The main building contains a well used bar and restaurant with open air in the Hof.

460 Saarbruecken

Px20, $7 pupn inclu water and ehu.  Next to Hallenbad (Indoor swimming pool).

Bourne at entrance to general CP, foc.

The EHU was OK but the bins were not MT'd

The water tap was vicious and would not entertain a hose; watering can only

459 Voelklingen

At the world Heritage site in an old steel works... bit like Magma in Rotherham, UK.

The MoHo SP has 10 individually enclosed pitches, foc in what was a massive parking area inside, what was a massive steel works. Not very attractive, nor very romantic. Perhaps OK if you are visiting the WHC Museum (which we didn't). There were problems with the EHUs. $1.

 so moved on after MT'ing our tanks at the Service Bourne, which was inside an old steel chamber. $1 to use.

458 Saarlouis

Another interesting town to visit on the Saar with lots of cycle paths.

The SP is near the sports areas and Globus Supermarket (which is massive). Px25+, foc. Only bins, MT'd by the ravens.

Bourne 300m at the side of the riverside camping site, down residential lane. (I didn't get a picture of this) each service, water, elsan $1.

457 Saarburg SP

Saarburg was a very nice and interesting place to visit.

Outside town, through the industrial estate is an SP, Px40+.

 A little further out of town than the railway CP but no big deal.

Bourne on exterior which we used no problem. 

456 Saarburg

We used the CP at the station for $1 for 24hrs. It was a little noisy to say the least. Not the trains, not the traffic, the boy racers with boom boxes.... They need to get a life.

Obviously no services at all

455 Trier (Messe)

Behind Mcdonalds is the coach elsan dump area which did not seem to mind if a MoHo used it. In the adjacent large CP, MoHos were also overnighting.

454 Palzem (Weingut Pauly)

Px3, through Vintner's yard, overlooking river. Very picturesque, very nice wines. No Elsan, $7 pupn inclu EHU and water, bins available. WC also when wine tasting bar is open.

453 Saarmunden

Difficult to find, narrow road from main road winds over bridges etc. Px3 in front of Yachthaven gates. $8 pupn, Further around road leads to camping where services are located. Trees good for shade but no satellite signal. No EHU

452 Poelich

At the Yachthaven next to Camping Site. Px40, $5 pupn, EHU 50c/Kwh. Showers at Camping.

451 Zeltingen

Px40, $8 pupn inclus EHU.

The service Bourne is under the bridge and can be used without being a resident.

450 Kirnheim

Px50, $8 pupn, $2 EHU. All on grass.

 The Bourne was external and we used it once. Apparently CCTV coverage photos those non residents who do and they get fined. We doubt it.

449 Trabn Trabach

Px40, $10 pupn includes alles, even shower and EHU. It was full when we passed by.

Enter through control barrier and pay at machine when leaving to get exit code.

Past sports centre