Friday, 27 September 2013

82 Newark (Farndon)

Down by the Riverside (Inn). The Trent of course.
 Unsure who owns the riverside C/P but much used by WoMo's and fishermen. The public WC opens at 7am and is clean. Very nice spot and police patrol car drive bys completely ignored the overnighters.

81 Cantabury

This SP is in the Dover Rd, P+R. It is however close enough to the City to ride in on the bikes. There is water and elsan disposal. It is very popular. It was an easy 40 mins drive to the Dover docks.

NB barriers close at 8.30pm

80 Verl (Privaat)

Only available for ourselves. The VE point in Verl has closed down as the business shut down.

79 Rietberg.

Am Bibeldorf, a mueum of Bible stories and lifestyle. on the opposite side of the road is a wonderful antiques centre.

The WoMo SP is on the road side and foc. The Sanistation, $1 has a slide up elsan disposal point, the first we'd seen. Quite novel.

78 Wiedenbruck

The other, southern part of the twin towns. The SP is foc, has bins but no other facilities. It has poor Sat reception. Am Hallenbad.

77 Harsewinkel

FOC but no facilities. Got Sat reception and next to Swimming Pool.

76 Rheda

Half of the twin towns of Rheda Weisenbruck.
The circus was in town so we didnt stay this time. The SP is right near the town centre for walks and shopping.

75 Drensteinfurt (D)

Next to Freibad, closed when we visited. Surprisingly EHU and water both foc... As is the 3 pitches, 2 roadside, 1 in bushes. How do they do it?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

74 Ondrup am Kanal

There is a service point within the campsite opposite the canal side car parking spaces. It costs $5. There were 2 WoMos parked up alongside the canal and a police car drove by and didnt stop so I guess parking is commonplace. In summer i am sure this spot will be very busy.

73 Seppenrade (D)

Just off the main road and next to the well known 'Rose Garden', this SP is foc and has foc water.

72 Haltern am See

The walk or bike ride around the lake is great. The SP is between town and lake so very well placed. Now charges $5/24 hrs max, 3 days stay. EHU and Elsan each cost $1. It s overshadowed by trees which, in summer will rovide good shade. Unfortunately the TV and Sat receptions are not good/non existant. Over the raod is the swimming pool.

71 Silbersee (D)

There are 2 car parks at this Lake. It has a sea side type sandy beach and lots of water sports activities. The first car park has the WoMo SP in the bottom corner and looked a bit remote and dodgy. The EHU pillar looked like it had been vandalised and now converted to tokens., available at the boat station.

Silbersee I  (Main)
 The overflow car park, a bit further down the lane was large and a WoMo was parked up at the bottom. I think this would be my prefered spot too. The SP was foc and cost for EHU and Water. I imagine is is very busy in summer and good weather. It was very empty on our dull September day visit.

Silbersee II (Overflow)

70 Hausduelmen (D)

This SP has no facilities, is foc but next to river which looks like it would be great for fishing and relaxing. Lots of bikeways and a pub close to hand. Green open space. Nice

July 2017.... Nice visit, Satellite OK

69 Duelmen, Lippe

Behind the service station and Aldi. This SP is foc and offers EHU for $1. The elsan is foc.

JULY 2017.

 EHU is now $2

68 Senden (D)

This SP has no facilities but is foc.

67 Warendorf, Emsee (D)

Parkplatz am Emsee. Right next to sailing club this SP is foc and costs Euro 1 each for EHU and water. There is a WC just off car park. Very handy and very popular.


66 Lippesee near Sande (D)

This is quite a nice spot, bit out of the town of Sande but good for the lake and bike rides.

65 Ruethen

Opposite the Firestation and next to a supermarket, this SP cost $3, tickets at the service station

JULY 2017
Each of the 10 bays now cost $5 and inculdes K7. Tap is on a separate bourne $1.

 EHU also on a separate Service Post

63 Hirschberg (Warstein) D

Just outside Warstein is this small village with an all singing and dancing SP. There are 4 pitches and EHU coast only 50 cents.

64 Warstein D

Famous for the beer and in the news whilst we were there due to Legionaires outbreak. This FOC SP has no facilities but close to the town for a walking visit. Located near the Sportplatz.

62 -Pferdekamp Moehnesee.

The third of the Moehnesee SPs. This one is FOC but has no facilities.
JULY 2017
Actually located at the East side of the See in Voellinghausen. Still foc, which is excellent. Still no facilities other than bins but Satellite reception ok in part of the area.

61 - Koerbecke.

The second of the three SP at Moehnesee. This one is an enclosure but near to the town of Koerbecke for provisions etc. Euro 6 for 24 hrs and Euro2 for EHU.

60 - Moehnesee Delecke

At the west end of the lake, before the Damn. The first of Moehnesee's 3 SP is a very nice affair. Terraced pitches overlooking the lake. EHU, elsan, water, toilet block, all very nice. Costs Euro 12 for 24 hrs. We took the EHU as the skies had been so overcast that our solar panels wern't keeping up with our needs. Would definately go again.

59 - Maastricht

Where the HGVs park up and sleep, behind the Sports Stadium. We didnt stay; it didnt feel right.

58 Genk

7 bays out in the forest next to the equestrian centre. SP is FOC but 5 Euros gets you an EHU and token for 80 litres of water. Parking opposite in the horse box bays will get you moved on or fined by the police. Genk is not really a very interesting town, but the SP is good.

57 - Leuven

Belgium, University City of Leuven. The coach car park which has a chemical WC, which was smelly, as you'd expect is just a car park close to the centre and used by WoMo's. FOC. No facilities.

56 - Hill 62

Near Ypres, the famous Hill 62 Bar and Meseum. Owner very kindly allowed us to overnite. We visited the next day and a Belgian TV film crew was there also.