Monday, 31 October 2016

545 Annecy, Savoy

Px10, but more squeeze on, foc parking and services. (Water, Elsan and bins)
There is a wifi you can receive. shaded so no solar power, also no TV or satellite possible. BUT right next to lake and cycle path. Limited to 24hrs stay.

544 Ursdorf, CH

Off junction 28 south of Zurich, on east side, Motorhome Dealers Bantam off a free service bourne. Although said not to be available when the dealers are shut, it was open, just tucked out of sight.

543 CH Autobahn

Just for the record, when so few Aire's here, the facilities on the Autobahn parkings are ideal for emptying the K7. Large stainless steel bowls with rinse. Also bins. Just leaves the problem of water.

542 Altstaetten CH

A Swiss Pubstop. Px6 on sloping gravel. There is a service bourne and a cupboard where you can hook up. $10 pupn, foc if you eat at restaurant, $5 for ehu which i thought expensive.
Trogenstr. 99, 9450 Altstaetten,

541 Appenzell, CH

Camping Site high up in the hills overlooking the town.
Has facilities for caravans and CCs. Px10 on sloping gravel. Not cheap... as you'd expect.
$14 per unit, $6 ppn. plus tax plus $3 ehu per night! However great view

Find it and others on

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

540 Waldhaus,alt Sankt Johannes, CH

At the foot of the bergbahn cable car and on the southern side of Saentis an Aire for CCs on gravel adjacent to a camping field for caravans and tents in season. Basic cost $20 includes ehu and services plus $5 per person plus Kur tax. Makes it an expensive overnight. Px18, Showers, WC, bin etc.
All you could want, immaculate, Swiss prices.

Services block. Payments in honesty box inside. Wifi also included.

539 Schwaegalp Pass, CH

Roadside parking bays at the summit. There is also a public WC and bins, i expect for walkers. The pass is 4300 feet and the Saentis mountains towers above it at over 8,500 feet (2500m).

538 Gonten, CH

One of a growing number (Reportedly) of farms which are offering campsites, mostly for tents, but some, and this one especially, for Motorhomes. Lankstrasse , 9050 Appenzell (Gonten)

Down the narrow track, don't be put off by the no entry sign.

The owners have service facilities and parking on flat grass meadow.
Px4, $9 plus EHU $3 per night.

537 Gais, CH

Best welcome in the world.

536 Stetten am Bodensee

Px18 $9 pupn incl services. Pay in restaurant reception after 5pm. EHU 50c/1Kw, coin operated post near pitches.
At the rear of a family run Distillery. Now with attractive bar and restaurant. Good place and relative good value for this very popular area.

Friday, 21 October 2016

535 Unterlauchringen (upper Rhein)

In Baden Wuerttenburg just before the Rhine flows into Bodensee (Lake Constanz), The SP is down near a sports centre and freibad, past the Rathaus. Px18 $8 plus $2 for ehu, key deposit $20. The bourne costs $2 (Donation box ) for passers through.

533 Bulgnaville (Lorraine)

Px17 with services. The sign says there is a charge but i couldnt find out what it was. The Aire is a spoked wheel format.. Lake, parks and play areas adjacent.

532 Goncourt, Meuse

Along the river bank and near main road, hence a busy stop over for those travelling south, or back again.
Px20 foc, under shade, the use of the bourne requests a donation of $3. A sign says free wifi but i couldn't get a signal.

534 Epinal (upper Mozelle)

Down at the canal/river port, alongside a row of trees (so no satellite reception). Px5 $8 inclu EHU, costs less in summer, $5 no ehu. The Capitainerie wifi no longer functions. The Bourne at the end of the CP takes cards but is defective and there's no water. Angry little Napoleon gave me grief in the night about which ehu to use.

Too dark to take a picture of the FlotBleu Bourne

531 Rebbeville, Mouzon (Meuse)

At the end of this village is a free service bourne and also free ehu. Nothing left in the village, not even a  baker, even the one horse has left this one horse town. But it's quiet and thanks to the people of Rebbeville for welcoming CCs.
There was a neolithic and cro magnon grotto between the village and the next one but it was a disappointment.
 There were fish in the river too.


530 Vaucouleur, Meuse

Only Px3, first bay is the service bourne, complicated system. First 24 hrs is foc. Next day cost $5 which you have to pay at Marie. Limited to 48hrs in total. The bourne costs $2 jetons for 2 hours (EHU?) and the water was turned off. Oct 16.
The place, as birthplace of Jean D'arc is nice enough and the museum is popular.

529 Void, Meuse

Px5 foc, Bourne jetons, free wifi
The Aire is down by the former goods railway station.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

528 Commercy, Muese

Px4 bays next to the Port de Plaisance, jetons $3, also with credit card, either 100 water or 4 hrs ehu.
Parking foc, bins and recycling points