Tuesday, 28 November 2017

651 Cartaya E

After the Junction at Seville heading west and just before the Portuguese border, this SP has Elsan dump, tap, bins and a cafe/shop.
Also the cheapest fuel we's seen so far.

 Snails covered the bushes on our evening walk.

650 Angouleme

Near Angouleme on the N10, La Couranne market square.
Mixed parking, overnights permitted. Toilets, Elsan dump and tap, public bins and a laundrette.

649 Abbeville (Somme)

First stop on our dash down in September 2017. Obviously there were pressing matters at Route 66 and the Vivo was jam-packed packed full of gear.

Found a nice quiet CP on the banks of the Somme. CPx5, bins, FON signal.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

648 Ems Quelle, Ems

Not an official SP but near to park, woods (and an old barracks now used by the Police as a training school). More importantly adjascent to a Russian War Graves Cemetary. Well worth a visit.

647 Soest, Lippe

New SP for about 15, next to (and owned by?) City Hotel.
$8 incl tap, and K7... EHU available but didnt check if there was extra to pay.

646 Lippborg, Lippe

In small mixed CP and next to WC is a service bourne.
Only 50c for tap but WRONG sort of connector.

645 Werne, Lippe

Former coal mining and industry area.
Dedicated bays for WoMo at rear/park side of mixed CP. $5 for 24 hrs, tap $1, EHU $2.50

644 Bramsche Kalkriese

Only 3km from the Kalkriese Roman battlefield and museum, this Landgasthof Varus Deeletap offer about 12 bays to motorhomers on slightly sloping grass within the general CP.

$5 per night which includes, K7, bins and Tap. EHU available at $2.50 pupn

643 Paderborn, Wesf.

At the Paderhalle in the centre of city, about 10 dedicated bays for Moho.
Too near buildings or trees for satelitte reception bt the is a faint wilan from the Sparkasse nearby.

I found it expensive at $8.50 per day 8am-10pm as this means $17 to overnight unless you leave before 8am

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

052 Bueren, Wesf.

Just to complete the SP around and handy for Brenken.
Full details on Entry 052. EHU tokens cost $ and available at the garage next door.

Obviously the Freibad next door is a very handy thing too.. especially when it's so hot.

Astra 1 Sat reception ok. FREE Wifi provided by the town.... Danke Schoen!

642 Warburg, Wesf.

Large General CP, 4 bays for MoHo costs $5 inclu ehu.K7 and tap. Pay at Shell garage opposite

Deposit for Key $50... yes $50... blooody expensive key.

641 Calden, Hessen

Calden, an attractive village is also the location of Kassel airport.

The SPx8 foc, is located in the woods at the Waldfreibad. There are no services other than bins.

Wifi with code from Freibad. No satellite reception.

640 Immenhausen, Hessen

At the Sportzentrum. SPx8 foc. Looked relatively newly established. No Wifi, Satellite reception OK

Bourne $1 for tap, K7 and bins foc.

Central EHU bay $1 coins

639 Hofgeismar, Hessen

During my visit SPx16 (foc) was temporarily closed due to a Stadtfest. In any event the signage was terrible.

As the fair was packing up I overnighted in the CP part, designed for visitors to the Cemetary opposite.

Service bourne by TIC and WC's, Tap $1, K7 and bins foc.

8x EHU $2 (one side of SP only)