Saturday, 23 July 2016

510 Grenay, near Bully-les-mines

Px3 foc, brand newly completed bays for CCs in the park and activities area of this small town. The water is from a jeton provided foc by the friteur or boulanger.

The elsan dump is a poorly designed worry. It is free but will have to be re-designed i think!
Wifi is soon to be provided and ehu too.

Entrance barrier to deter nomads. Just opened it.

509 Valenciennes, Scheldt

Down a pan handle, the Aire is being re-built and there is currently a barrier restricting access.
Px10 foc, no services (July 16)
It is beside a lovely lake, well used by canoes, boats and other residents

508 Mons West Autoroute

After the fuel and service area, on the designated parking for caravans is this very useful bourne for elsan and water, both foc. There is one also on the eastbound side.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

507 Namur (Muese)

Also known as Namen, this university city is also the capital of Wallonia Region. There are 2 rivers, the Meuse being the larger. The SP is not easy to find and behind the swimming pool wall.

Interesting policy; the overnite stay is foc but you have to pay $7.50 for the Bourne.... who ever does?
They just tip their K7 into the grey water drain.

Also the bins are padlocked so litter is left in bags next to it.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

506 Lauterbach

In Hessen on the Lauter beck or stream. SP at Swimming pools, both Frei and in winter Hallenbad.
Px8 foc, spacious and level. Bourne $1 eau or K7.

505 Bad Saltzschirf, Lauter

Nice area generally in Hessen and looks good for cycling and a return visit.
Stopped here to top up water, thinking next SP didn't have a bourne.
Px6 $4, ehu, services $1 each.

504 Nurnberg, Pegnitz

On the lake flowing into the river Pegnitz.Px8 foc, no services. There is another foc SP and a service bourne near the Parteitagplatz south of the city.

503 Pilsen Camping, (Radbuza)

Whilst Pilsen is indeed on the River Radbuza which flows into the Labem, the camping is on an an artificial lake, complete with nudist beach!

502 Pilsen city, Radbuza

Both these were on P4N. Close to each other. Due to security fears, didn't use them and decided to find a camping instead.
502a Sidestreet.
502b Car park on derict land.

501 Karlovy Varley, Ohre

On the river Ohre which runs into the Elbe and run by Vladimir who was a real pain in the arse. The SP is basically his front garden and the facilities, whilst complete are rustic to say the least.

Px8 $15 inclu eau and K7. Wifi plus $2, showers extra.

500 Prague, Vitavia

On the Vitavia river which flows into the Elbe at Melnic.
Difficult camping to find. Fly-overs and dual carriageways. On an island in the river.
Px50 $20 inclus eau and elsan. Plus extra for EHU.

499 Vrchlabi, Labem

The town south of the Labem/Elbe's spring.
Camp Lazo Plaz is on the artificial lake.

498 Ceska Scalice

Rozkos Lake, popular with wind surfers and fishermen. Purpose built SP, automatic.
Px16, $10 all inclusive inclu ehu.

497 Melnic, Labem

Camping $12 inclu eau & K7. Showers and EHU extra. Has bars and restaurnats. Opposite Freibad.

496 Terezine, Labem

Theriesienstadt on the Elbe. Allowed overnight parking on the museum car park.
No services.

495 Dresden Camping

Private mixed parking, shaded and on Neustadt side. OK to use Bourne as passer by.
Px100 $18, Services $2 each. EHU costs $6.

494 Dresden, Elbe

Riverside near the old cigarette factory. Px30 on the coach park. No services but I found a manhole obviously used to MT K7.

493 Meisssen Camping

Former campsite at the Hallenbad and sport centre. Near Toom and local shops.
Px19 $9 inclu services, WCs and outside shower. Call at reception for key to open gates. $20 deposit