Friday, 27 November 2015

346 Chappelle St Mesmin (Orleans)

20 mins by bike along Loire banks to Orleans. This is a former Campsite, too long in the tooth for campers but OK for CC's. $6 for 24hrs or £12 72hrs. Gets you water, Elasan, bins and EHU!. WCs are disgusting. Small village where everything shuts early.
Avoid when wet... Like the trenches in Flanders.
TV and Sat signals very bad due to trees affording shade in summer. Next to Boules court and park for kids

345 Tour en sologne

A very nice little Aire. 4xP. very clean toilets and bourne.£4 for 100 litres eau or 1 hr EHU.

344 Dye sur Loire

Down by the riverside. Next to canoe club. River swimming and Px4 free. No facilities. Nice though.
Nice bar

343 Cheverney

Large CP for CCs but impossible to see chateau without paying entrance fee.

342 Blois

CC Parking run by Council. $8/24hrs. Well lit, near railway station so not for light sleepers. Cost includes water and Elsan. Shame no electric.
There are 3 posts for entrance, payment and exit. All very confusing!!
Ideal location to visit the town centre and Royal ch√Ęteau.

Wish I knew how to spin photos!!

341 Fougeries

Nice little village with castle, under state management. CP next to chateau and no signs saying you can't overnight. It looked a nice spot with some local shops and bars.

340 Ouchamps

2 sites next to large fishing lake. Bourne was chained up and didn't look there was any spaces for parking up.

339 Chaumont

Not a MoHo friendly place. Maybe they want to promote their camping site exclusively?

338 Montrichard

Saturday, 21 November 2015

337 Ange

A jewel of a little village. Aire foc, water $3 but EHU and Wifi both free.
Centred around an attractive square with a few shops. Not far from Montrichard and Chenanceau etc.

336 Chenanceau

A very unique chateau which is expensive to visit and impossible to see unless you pay the fee. One for next time perhaps.
Very large and dedicated CC Parking, a sign of how popular CCs are in France.

335 Montresor

A very pretty village and interesting place and castle. The Aire is large, next to sports fields and foc.

334 St Genough

Small 4xP aire and a bit off the beaten track but quiet and foc.

333 Villandry

Expensive to enter chateau but CP very handy. Look at the 24/7 Auto-shop.

332 Azay Le Rideau

Once again an expensive and new CCParking has been created next to the camping site (where yours truly stayed in the early 70's). Cost for this in total ca. $15. We stayed instead on the coach car park which, during weekends and out of season was not challenged.
 On the outskirts was a handy supermarket with Laundry (but no LPG)

331 Avoine

A well set out circular CCParking, usual entrance with card and retracting post.
$4 /24hrs and $2 for EHU. Large park next door for jogging.

330 Tourquant

A gem of an Aire and very popular too. Seems a wealthy village and many buildings still underground.
FOC to park and Bourne water costs $2.50.
 Close by is Monsoreau and the village of Canes

329 Breze

A fine chateau with a very deep underground fortress.

328 Brissac Quence

Twin towns offer an Aire near the chateau (being converted into flats) and opposite the school and sports area.

327 Angers

There was a large Aire on the outskirts of the city centre but we were quit lucky to find a small car park which we could park up the Vivo just across from the castle.

326 Lire

Although this had WC, free Bourne and free EHU as the pitches were quite sloping, pente, we decided to move on.

325 Bouchermaine

Riverside village and a lovely place. On the other side of the bridge is a Camping Aire or These are expensive places and cause the town's were they are situated to erect height barriers and no CC signs. No prizes for guessing what the keen French CCer (and yours truly) think of them!
We parked up (with a few others) on the other side and was 'spoken to' next day by the Marie, naughty boys, slap.

324 Champtoceau

Delightful village offering Aire for $4 which includes EHU and bourne.
Small supermarket and usual other facilities. Would go again.