Saturday, 24 January 2015

283 DFDS Departure Terminal, Dunkirk.

May have posted this before and on this trip forgot to get a pix.
It's foc of course, but noisy and the only facility is the large red waste bins.
DFDShave increased their prices for M.Hs. Our 7m size must now pay the same as a 10m unit. NOT GOOD>

282 Kerken

Near Venlo and short run north of Motorway.
Privately run, in a group of 5 other SPs. Cost $6 plus $3 for EHU.

281 Birkensee (Hanover)

5KM from Exhibitio centre at Laatzen.Bike paths OK in summer but not for working in wintertime.
$18 pupn plus EHU.

280 Bad Wuennenberg

Just off the High Street, costs $5 and $1 for EHU which soon runs out. Water turned off in winter. Pay at Kur Buro

279 Dueren

Costs $7 plus EHU. Very close to Lidel and owned by a MH dealer and repairer. Handy if you have some bother!