Tuesday, 21 April 2015

292 Todmorden

Camping places at the Cricket Club off Burnley Rd, just a few 100 yds from the Town centre.
Cost £15 pupn incl EHU so not the cheapest.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

291 Sedgefield

Not a Tony Blair in sight! At the end of a modern business park and next to a small woodland area, a number of spots at the ends of cul de sacs. How long they'll stay dead ends, no one knows.
Bins are in the woodland park. TV and mobile signals excellent

54.4022 01.2683

290 Bearpark

Not exactly the same spot as mentioned on Park 4 Nights but other side of donkey field.
Obviously no facilities but a nice rural park nearby and a quiet and restful night.
Near Durham of course.

289 Hexham

Down by the riverside
signposted as Tyne Green Country Park, there are many riverside parking bays. Days no probs but no overnights and no HGVs is signed.
HOWEVER, off the first roundabout into town from the north there is an area where the HGVs do sleep and is serviced by a good value Chuck Waggon 
54,5872. 02,0556

288 Wall (Hadrian's)

We stayed at the Pubstop, Hadrian's Hotel. (No facilities but nice bar and restaurant)
However, just down the road at the other end of the village there is a small park with WC which PERMITS camping for a night or two. Also has bins and play areas.
A veritable find!

287 Flodden Field

Britain's Oldest War Memorial, 2nd CP at the foot of memorial hill.
No restrictions but not very level. Lots of walkers and hikers.

286 Roslyn Chapel

Overlooking the Glen, the CP, whilst no restrictions are signposted has a night guard who will kick you off at 6pm. During the day no one will bother you. It's a nice spot to park up.

285 Coldstream

This was a real find. CP next to Castle Hotel on the main road. Next to playing fields with WC.

284 Biggar

The High Street has some larger bays suitable for M/Hs. There were also no restrictions but
we found a nice secluded CP near Coop and Sports Centre to overnite
Only bins but very quiet