Tuesday, 20 June 2017

052 Bueren, Wesf.

Just to complete the SP around and handy for Brenken.
Full details on Entry 052. EHU tokens cost $ and available at the garage next door.

Obviously the Freibad next door is a very handy thing too.. especially when it's so hot.

Astra 1 Sat reception ok. FREE Wifi provided by the town.... Danke Schoen!

642 Warburg, Wesf.

Large General CP, 4 bays for MoHo costs $5 inclu ehu.K7 and tap. Pay at Shell garage opposite

Deposit for Key $50... yes $50... blooody expensive key.

641 Calden, Hessen

Calden, an attractive village is also the location of Kassel airport.

The SPx8 foc, is located in the woods at the Waldfreibad. There are no services other than bins.

Wifi with code from Freibad. No satellite reception.

640 Immenhausen, Hessen

At the Sportzentrum. SPx8 foc. Looked relatively newly established. No Wifi, Satellite reception OK

Bourne $1 for tap, K7 and bins foc.

Central EHU bay $1 coins

639 Hofgeismar, Hessen

During my visit SPx16 (foc) was temporarily closed due to a Stadtfest. In any event the signage was terrible.

As the fair was packing up I overnighted in the CP part, designed for visitors to the Cemetary opposite.

Service bourne by TIC and WC's, Tap $1, K7 and bins foc.

8x EHU $2 (one side of SP only)

638 Wuergassen, Wesf.

A little further away and through a sleepy village a New SPx 16 has been opened by Hotel Alte Linde. Riverside and on a cycle path at the ferry crossing.

Costs $10 but $3 is refundable in the restuarant. Incl Tap and K7.

EHU x8 on one side of grassed field (slightly

sloping) is extra $3

637 Beverungen, Wesf.

Through bus stops and under the bridge on B241 over the Weser, SPx15 foc. Open bays so no shade but great for Sat Signal and solars.

All the services have been switched off, Tap, K7 and EHU. Abuse by someone ?

636 Bad Dreiberg, Wesf.

At the Bad Dreiberg Thermen complex dedicated SPx10 $5, pay at Therme reception.

EHU available but cost unknown. K7 foc, didn't see a tap anywhere.

635 Altenbeken, Wesf.

A Pubstop x 2/3 at the old fashioned and traditional Gasthof Fredenstal. Run by Brother and Sister Braukmann, it was definitely my kind of place.
Huettenstr. 42. Not really well signed although on the main road through the town.
Tel 05255 6152 or mobile 0160 681 6347

K7 is rather 'primative' as is the EHU. But great...

Will go again

634 Sende (Paderborn) Westf.

Lippesee SP x10 at Sende. foc, no services except bin.

Many more were there than 10. Most have good shade but then that's no good if you need solar power and Satellite reception.

633 Sennelager, Wesf

Camping Pelhof at Sennelager North.
No idea of costs.

632 Hoevelhof, Wesf.

SPx6 foc at end of general CP at the station. Looked ok to stop for visit to town. each bay individually separated by bushes.

K7 service at local camping, cost unknown. Tap foc on the outside wall of the Bahnhof.

EHU $1