Thursday, 20 July 2017

648 Ems Quelle, Ems

Not an official SP but near to park, woods (and an old barracks now used by the Police as a training school). More importantly adjascent to a Russian War Graves Cemetary. Well worth a visit.

647 Soest, Lippe

New SP for about 15, next to (and owned by?) City Hotel.
$8 incl tap, and K7... EHU available but didnt check if there was extra to pay.

646 Lippborg, Lippe

In small mixed CP and next to WC is a service bourne.
Only 50c for tap but WRONG sort of connector.

645 Werne, Lippe

Former coal mining and industry area.
Dedicated bays for WoMo at rear/park side of mixed CP. $5 for 24 hrs, tap $1, EHU $2.50

644 Bramsche Kalkriese

Only 3km from the Kalkriese Roman battlefield and museum, this Landgasthof Varus Deeletap offer about 12 bays to motorhomers on slightly sloping grass within the general CP.

$5 per night which includes, K7, bins and Tap. EHU available at $2.50 pupn

643 Paderborn, Wesf.

At the Paderhalle in the centre of city, about 10 dedicated bays for Moho.
Too near buildings or trees for satelitte reception bt the is a faint wilan from the Sparkasse nearby.

I found it expensive at $8.50 per day 8am-10pm as this means $17 to overnight unless you leave before 8am