Friday, 24 May 2013

36 Chester

In the shadow of the Castle Barracks and a very modern 'Nick', Lttle rodee offers overnights for £1.50 and the delights of Chester by night, as they may take your fancy!
Riverside Spots for early arrivals only... LOL

35 Oulton Park

What a winner... Weekedays there are private races and no entrance fee to pay.... Park up and view for free....

34 Corwen

Rhug Estate Farm Shop + Cafe

33 Bala

Raod side, lake side CP just outside town.

32 Llanfederal

Small village CP and WC, next to stream. most tranquil and usefull

31 Wrexham

No overnight 'sleeping' says the Council but 12am til 12pm foc!

30 Roman Vinyard

Nice Wines, nice little village. Roam Brittannia's 4th largest city.

29 Trefonen

Barley Mow Inn and micro brewary. Quiet and attaractive little village. Offa's Dyke runs nearby.

28 Horse Shoe Inn

Just outside Wroxeter, fairly busy road, next to Caravan Sales Centre. New Liscencee's. Nice spot.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

27 Recklinghausen

A sneaky spot, only by invitation so no further details!

26 Gouda NL

This was a VERY popular spot.
The road works around the entrance mmade it difficult to find unless you'd been before. There were no motorhome signs but the car park name was well signed. There were more delagates here than at a meeting of the Euro Parliament. It was great although i think the maximum 4 spaces was well exceeded. Not sure i would want to take on board freash waterhere as the tap was over the open elsan hole.

25 Salzkotten

There are 2 SP's in this town; one near the open air swimming pool.
 The other near the Schutzenhalle.
Could not see that there were charges for either  SP but also no facilities. The signs were a bit small and you had to be quick to spot them.

24 Bad Wuenneberg

Again just for the cost of the 'Kurtax'. Right next to stream and at end of main shopping street.

23 Bad Lippsprenge

This was an excellent SP. Well signposted and right next to park and near centre of town. Cost was £.25 Euro's each Kurtax. Bins emptied regularly. Could wish for more.