Monday, 15 December 2014

278 Southport (Marine Dr)

North of the town and on the roadside, is the RSPB parking with no restrictions. I imagine many RSPBs stay overnight to watch the birds in the 'hides' opposite.

277 Lytham St Annes

Experiment by council. Dedicated Motorhome bays which allow overnights. Will be popular i am sure. Next to cinema, swimming pool and sea front. Nice and flat for bikes too.

53 44.845,
03 01.866


276 Blackpool

The WMC has a nice, secure and level site facility. It isn't cheap, £24 last visit but it's close to the Prom and South Shore and, for a laugh, you can use the club room at nites.


53 4769, 03 0279

Saturday, 6 December 2014

275 Chirk

Small CP near the Aquaduct and infront of Council Office and Cafe. No Restrictions signed. The aquaduct is definately worth a visit. No facils but foc.
N52 5582 W03 0379

274 Welshpool

Berricem St CP allows MHs per Powys Regs to overnite. The CP has bins and WCs and is well lit at night. HGVs use it too.
Welshpool was an interesting small town to visit and would go again.
N52 3951 W03 0899

273 Newton

Powys Council CP, near McDonnalds and called The Gravel, allows 1in 7 nites for M/Hs. Well done Powys!
£2'50 for over 4 hrs. Check out time 8am.
|N52 3085 W03 1868

272 New Quay

What a delightful place and will certainly be busy in season i am sure. The privately run CP at the top of the village allows  MHs to overnite £6 for 24hrs. No facilities but there are WCs in the Council CPs which are open in season.
N52 1269 W04 2163

271 Castell Henlis

Coach Park at the small chapel used for the Iron Age Fort. No signs, no facilities but very tranquil (in December)

270 Fishguard Stena Terminal

The Council has 2 PAD CPs near the terminal. There is a cafe, boat launch ramp and WCs. But no overnite sleeping allowed

269 Fishguard Lorry Park

Tucked away behind the Petrol Station and Spar, and the Tesco Metro is a large area used by HGVs for overnites. The area is next to the Stena Line terminal and therefore well used. TV reception poor, bins, also used by visitors to the adjascent sports facilities. FOC. And all the mobiles had signals.

268 Stumble Head

Possibly one of the most stunning and most exposed spots to overnight. No Fs other than the wild ponies to stroke. TV signals a plenty but no mobiles.

267 Solva Harbour

Great place, no doubt busy in season. Has WC with tap at rear. Bins and pub, restaurant and cafe take awy close by. Yaghts are stored off season at the end of the CP.

51.5244 -5.1136

266 Maidenhall NT CP

No facilities but no Rs signed.

51.0311 -5.0665

265 Kete

51.4167 -5.1084

 Former RAF base overlooking the sea.Nice spot to onite but no 3 signal. No Rs signed.

264 Dale Harbour

Signposted Black Rock CP, which is PAD, £2 for 8 hrs. Toilets close by. NO overnites.

263 Dale Bay

No signs, no restrictions. Bay overlooking the refinary. Although only a short walk into Dale, the road is steep, narrow and not safe for pedestrians. Only Fs are bin.

262 St Brides

At the church CP, some say they stay overnite, we thought it was too close to homes and was too small an area. Nice for a day stop with WCs and bins. Again well used by surfers and dog walkers.
Lovely bay just down the slipway.

Friday, 5 December 2014

261 Freshwater West, NT

The other CP, not as level and the sign says it all.

260 Castlemartaine

2 CPs Freashwater East and West. East has toilets and is flat, also no restrictions signed. Many, many surfers.

259 Manobier

Nice castle, nice flat CP with bins and WC's where water can also be drawn. Donations rather than fixed charges but definately no overnight sleeping.

258 Wiseman's Beach

Near Saundersfoot.
Allong the beachfront parking are NO MOTORHOME signs. Hardly surprising as the landowners have a very modern MH park. Expensive but very nice. One drawback is that there was no mobile network signals.

257 A40 Truckstop

Just a large but sloping CP off the A40. Used by HGV and therefore noisy. Has a Burger Van, bins and toilets so usefull for pit-stops.

256 Kidwelly

Only bins and dog walkers who use the CP and walk along the river bank. Toilets close by in village square. Nice castle to walk around. No restrictions signed and foc.
N51.4428 W4.1861

255 Twyn Bach Bury Port Woodlands

Off the roundabout before the Industrial Estate. No restrictions but no facilities. The verge was most level. Many dog walkers.

254 Afan Activities Centre

Overnites are permitted and cost £.50 pppn. Day time parking is £1. The good thing is that, as well as WCs there are showers for just £1.40 a go. A good thing to kow if your wilding for a while.

253 Treorchy, Cwmparc

Follow brown signs off A4061, there's nowt here except lots of litter, sadly how it seems everywhere we go in South Wales. However nice spot to overnite with no Restrictions signed.

252 St Mary's Well, Ystrad

This small car park on a hairpin brow had great views over the valleys.Apparnetly the site of a monastry.
No facilities but a nice overnight spot.
N51 38 4968 W3 26 5716

251 Maerdy (N) A4233

N51 41 1706 W03 29 2943
Very rural and nice but no signals on mobiles etc. so moved on. Garn Eidel

250 Caerfilly

What a great pity, great location, great Castle and Town centre but CCTV penalty notices will be issued for overniters. 

N51 34 4136 W03 13 5613
CF83 1JD

249 near Castell Coch, Forrest CP

No Restrictions, no facilities but internet signal was OK

N51 32 8279 W03 14 3388

248 Caerleon

Possibly the finest Roman Amphetheatre in the country, there are many more remains to viosit in what was Rome's 3rd city in Britannia. The other 2 Chester and York. Toilets opened by road sweeper at 8am.
NP18 1AE

247 Caldicot Castle

There is an aligator to allow those parked after 6pm to leave and when In gate is locked. The foresat car park is well used by walkers, nannies and dog walkers. The WC block is shared with a number of sports clubs.
N51 35 5346 W02 44 5489

246 Caerwent

Large CP opposite a large chunk of the Roman wall which surrounds thre Venta. No restrictions signed and toilets open. Looks like the gate might be locked at 6pm
N51 36 7326 W02 46 2609
NP26 5BA Venta Silurus

245 Cheptow

The tourist info said they know that MHs often sleep over and have tolerated it. Good enough for us, great night here, great Castle, lots of nice restaurants and bars in easy walk. Toilets are open day time.