Saturday, 15 June 2013

45 Shaftesbury, Dorset

Saxon Hill Top Town of Gold Hill Hovis fame

Much appreciated the overnite, thanks 1/2 Moon.

44 Weymouth

E6 Small CL, Causeway Farm and Stables.

Bit hilly for the bikes but would use again for a few days chill out and layover.

43 Nottingham Area

Cossal, just off M1. Trinity Farm

A very interesting coop and bio-friendly farm. With connections to Germany.

42 Droitwich

A far distance from the Spa town, but very freindly and nice spot.
A bit closer to town is the canal boat marina. This would be ideal for parking up and a bike ride into Droitwich

41 Bourton on the Water

A very pretty Cotswold village

Overnite 6pm - 9am costs £8. 2 hours during the day, £3.80

40 Abingdon

E8 / 9 Rye Farm CP
This CP was just over the bridge from the town. We didn't overnite this time but will definately visit again. The Council requires pre-notification for overnites and the present cost is £7.50 for 24hrs.

39 Oxford

E8 - 7, Rectory Farm.
A fair distance from Oxford; we had wanted to try the P+R which supposedly has spaces for M/Hs.
However, the main entrance was height restricted and the small area at the back, which 'looked' like it could be for M/Hs had no signage and we felt a little unsecure leaving Vivo there.
Have emailed Parking Services at Oxford City Council for clarification.
Rectory Farm was a great little spot and very popular with PYO visitors.

38 Stratford upon Avon

England 8 / 5
This CP was just 5 mins from town and RSC. We finally clarified that we could overnite for up to 72hours for the £20 parking ticket.
We will certainly use this again.


Area, England-6/1
The Chestnut Horse, a very nice PH and community shop.
The Park and Ride facility was usefull and had 2 locations with bays for M/Hs