Monday, 25 February 2013

3 Skipton & Harrogate

Embsay Moor
Leaving Skipton on the Yorks Dales National Park roads was sometimes narrow and hair raising. If only the weather had been better. Skipton was well worth another visit, but it snowed in the afternoon on this occasion.
Dog walkers paradise. CP below the Harogate Arms PH. Behind RHS facility. Great spot for o/nite and PH very welcoming. Maybe have breakfast with them next time.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

4 Smugglers Inn

Car park at end of road in Talacre, servicing Smugglers Inn and those walking on the dunes. The big car park by the dunes floods at high tide and is shut with a gate at 8pm. Toilets are close by.

5 Rhos on sea

A seafront spot which does not exclude M/Hs. Not too far from the small shopping area, nice rocks and harbour for fishing and on the marine cyclepath.

6 Llandudno Junc

Nice little family run site. CCC. £12/nn incl ehu

7 Llandudno 2

On the west side of the town, in and amoungst the residential area is road side parking which does not prohibit M/Hs. Dont get to excited, they are prohibited midnight to 8am.

8 Llandudno 1

 Generally Llandudno is pretty ufriendly for M/Hs. Car parks dont allow parking of campervans, carvans etc. Even if you pay. We did find the car park next to the football club and coach park to hvae no restrictions

9 Great Orme 2

B Bought a scone, Overnight parking is permitted owner to be phoned beforehand.

10 Great Orme 1

Really stunning views and well worth the toll £2=50 to travel the coast road. This is a picnic stop, no signs restricting.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

11 Just outside Conwy

On the Snowdonia road to Dwygyfylchi.. and they want us learn Mandarin??.. stunning views, narrow roads, Vivo engine labouring.. and using plenty diesel... cough.. says no camping etc, but when does the day parking end??

12 Conwy-4

and then at last we found it... a place to park up in Conway... £2-50 for 8 hrs, no sleep and cook but under the 12 station 'garderobes' unique to Conwy Castle.
will return again and when it's warmer, walk the walls... the charity shops are not cheap.

13 Conwy-Marina

A gem.. will be very diificult to find MT we think.. no camping, no cooking but doesnt say you cant park up for the day and enjoy the sights..
a few million quids worth of yauhts are floating in the hintergound


Looking accross the estuary


What a great gateway to any town/city in the world.... We didnt find it as motorhome frendly as it was picturesque.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

16 Kinmel Bay

Very nice CL site CCC. Good model for our own future ideas.

17 Yes, Wales

We are in Wales, TV progs not always easy to understand, as well as usually, not always easy to receive signalwise.

Monday, 4 February 2013

18 Flint Castle

Wildcamping on the car park next to the castle. Great experience.

Visited again in June 2015, still as great as ever and still no restrictions

19 Flint

I honestly thought we would be blown up the Deee to Queensferry last night.