Saturday, 4 February 2017

585 Moncarapaco

Route 66 Camping. Rustic, full of character and a friendly welcome. At $5 per day plus 45c/KWH for EHU, good value too.

Dry Pond:-

Bar and Boules:-

WC, shower and service area:-

Party Barn?:-

584 Santa Luzia

Not far from Tavira, is the picturesque village of Santa Luzia.
On the outskirts an area of wasteland was infested by many CCs. True it is close to the sea and the village but the word 'slum' entered my mind!
Apparently there is a grate which can be lifted to MT the K7s

583 Tavira

Slightly outside of the town and on a bit of a hill side, the camping populated with longer termers who didn't like their extended plots threatened by newcomers. Px100. Very full indeed. Wifi only at the office area. Cost $9-90 inclu ehu and nice warm showers.

 The EHU were modern and adequate for more numbers

I was concerned about the muddy sand as it had rained quite a lot.. But it didn't turn out to be a problem.

Over the river and next to the Wholesale Market, there was a large area of waste ground where many 50-80 CCs were overnighting, apparently without problems.

582 Monte Gordo

Campsite on the west of the this attractive Resort Town.
Px100 but mostly all long termers and very little space otherwise. $8.40 inclu EHU.

Showers were old and cold and the toilets had no seats.
There was a shop, sateliite dish hire, pizza place and bar.

A few examples of home from homes:-

On the other side of the road and at the beach car park there were CCs parked up despite the sign saying the shouldn't.

581 Sevillia

Down by the docks, not an easy one to find, part shipping and storage for Autos, this private Aire is very busy and security is excellent.
Px60. $15 inclu ehu and wifi just near office area.